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EZ-Tear pillows -
AirPouch EZ-Tear air pillow protective packagingPuncture-resistant and improved protection while reducing packing & shipping costs.
FastWrap Bubble on Demand -
Protective bubble wrapping material for shippingFlexible, durable protective packing that secures & cushions products.
Protective Packaging Systems & Accessories -
Protective packaging system accessoriesSystem accessories that improve productivity for semi- to fully-automatic configurations.
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AirPouch® Void-Fill and Protective Packaging

Automated Packaging Systems designs and manufactures void-fill and cushioning products for protective packaging applications. Our protective packing and void-fill air pillow products offer high quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam, paper packing and bundle bubble materials.

Protective packing materials include AirPouch EZ-Tear™ air pillows and AirPouch FastWrap™ bubble and tubes on demand. These products provide cost-effective solutions that can significantly streamline your packing operation.

AirPouch protective air pillows for shipping

AirPouch EZ-Tear air pillows

Features our patented EZ-Tear Perforations, allowing quick and easy separation of the pillows to ease operator handling and provide faster packing productivity. These pre-formed pillows come in a high-yield box and are filled on-demand at the packing station. AirPouch void-fill pillows are lightweight and clean, making them easier to handle than paper and EPS peanut packing materials.

FastWrap protective bubble packaging

FastWrap™ Bubble on Demand

Is used for product wrapping, cushioning and interleaving. This bubble protective packing material features our patent-pending channeled design for improved product protection and multi-directional wrapping. FastWrap Block-and-Brace tubes are used to secure products inside the box, reducing movement during shipping. EZ-Tear Perforations between each tube make them easier to separate and reduce material waste.
Void-fill protective air pillow packaging system
Protective bubble wrapping material for shipping
AirPouch protective air pillow packing video
Video: AirPouch Express 3™
EZ-Tear Pillows
FastWrap AirPouch protective bubble wrap video
Video: AirPouch FastWrap™

AirPouch® and FastWrap™ products are available as part of our GeoTech® family of environmentally responsible films.

Environmentally friendly and recycled air pillows
® films provide all the known advantages of protective packaging, while lessening the environmental impact. GeoTech® pillows, bubbles and tubes provide manufacturers and shippers with protective packaging options that show their customers they care about the environment. Films are available in recycled or biodegradable* forms. GeoTech® films feature a standard green tint 
EarthAware ecofriendly protective packing materialthat quickly notifies customers this is an eco-friendly product from a company that is committed to sustainable packaging solutions.

*The rate and time for biodegradation varies depending on exposure conditions.


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